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Having worked in a variety of people orientated job roles, I wanted to be able to help people on a deeper level emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and so obtained qualifications in Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki 1 and 2.  After helping improve the health and well-being of humans, I decided to expand my qualifications to incorporate Animal Communication, Animal Care, Animal Behaviour, Nutrition and Crystals.  I also obtained a Higher Diploma in Animal Behaviour & Psychology as well as qualifications in Animal First Aid; Physical Therapy; Senior Pets and basic dog grooming.

I treat each human and pet holistically by combining all the experience and knowledge I have gained to ensure the best outcome is achieved in order to provide balance and harmony to the body and mind.

Having adopted and fostered many pets, who, through no fault of their own, had been treated badly and neglected I have a deep understanding of what is required to gain trust in order to help improve life's quality


I am honoured to have been able to create a loving environment for each individual pet I have come into contact with for however long that period might have been and also to help them with the transition from this life to the next.  Studying Counselling, I have been able to provide support to both pet and guardian when their life journey comes to an end and it is time to say goodbye. 

I am a genuine, caring person whose only true desire is to improve the quality of life of people and animals.

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Cat Healing/Sitting
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Cat Healing/Sitting

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