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Building confidence and social skills of a terrified puppy

His Story

When Spot and I first met this puppy he cowered, shook with fear, wet himself and took flight when he came across another dog or human.  He risked death by fleeing across busy roads to escape the situation and was lucky to survive. Through no fault of the owners he had received little socialization away from his own environment and was petrified of life outside his own home, family and garden.

After time spent dedicated to ensuring that he received as much socialization as possible with a daily walk with my own border collie, who is calm and an excellent example of how to enjoy time out in the big wide world, the puppy has progressed in leaps and bounds. Though there is still quite a way still to go!!

You would not believe that this is the same dog that took flight when he saw us, wetting himself and shaking with absolute terror. Look at how relaxed and comfortable he is and so happy with Spot and he now just loves the walks and socializing with his new found friends, both four legged and two.

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