Initial, full consultation, analysis & treatment - £35.00

Lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

Subsequent treatments - £25.00

Lasts approximately 1 hour

Require completion of a Consultation Form and, if you or your pet is being treated by a Doctor or Vet, a Consent Form is needed for treatments other than Reiki and Animal Communication - available on request

From £25 - £35
Sleeping Dogs

Distant Treatments

Distant treaments

Distant Reiki healing and also distant Animal Communication of either alive and

deceased pets.


Require completion of a Consultation Form and a photograph of the pet.

From £20

Home Visits

Home visits

Home visits can be arranged and if under 10 miles the cost is £10.00

Over 10 miles travelling distance is charged at £0.40p per mile

From £10